The Indie Film Bubble and New Perspectives on the Day Job for Producers and Artists



Check out indie producer Mike Ryan’s guest post on the Hope for Film blog on indieWIRE. In his view indie producers who used to be like Rock Stars are now more like  Jazz Artists. This is  somewhat disheartening for me as I continue in my efforts to develop several feature documentary and narrative features. On the other hand he points out  that this may  lead to a return to a focus on artistry and integrity in indie films. That’s a  refreshing view point and I hope my films can attain the highest level of legitimacy once developed and released.

During the recent Meetup of Seattle’s DocuTalk@911 indie producer Nadeem Uddin shared his own experience producing Bhopal: The Search for Justice amongst his other films. I was so impressed with his own commitment to difficult topics that I began to recommit myself in my  efforts to produce The Stanley Mute Project. This is the film about an Yup’ik artist incarcerated under unbelievable circumstances by our Western standerds and his odyssey and that of his people.

In my perspective earning  a living wage with some  creature comforts is  acceptable. If I wanted the Hollywood lifestyle I would have gone Hollywood years ago anyway! During another recent Meetup of King County wedding vendors I began to feel more confident in my own abilities in making a living  at my day job as a photographer, videographer and production crew. Creative work in this area will support my efforts as an indie producer/director. Please look around my site  and let me know if I  can help you out in any way. Then give Mike’s post a good read!.

Guest Post: Mike Ryan on “Let’s Celebrate The ‘Collapse’ Of The Indie Film Bubble” > Hope for Film.





Mike S Ryan has produced 14 films in the past seven years

Peter Broderick & Jennifer Roth



Click on above image to read Peter Broderick’s newsletter article describing how recent changes in the crowdfunding market is helping fund innovative films like “I am I”. Sights like & are now raising sums in excess of $100,000 for intrepid indie filmmakers!

Today I attended black Swan producer Jennifer Roth’s Master Class hosted by Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum. She pointed out the advantages that come from a limited budget, forcing the filmmaker to focus on telling a good story. As a line producer she offers her directors “three” things, such as a great script, great locations and some A list talent. An alternative might be amazing sets and costumes, amazing music and a cast of unknowns.

It’s up to the director to take these three things and make a great story. The alternative is a bloated projects & a story that dies. This continues Ted Hope’s recent blog about the future of Indie Film being in the million dollar and less motion picture. As someone who shoots with a DSLR and edits on a Mac I can tell you that 1 million put’s you in the range of a great film with almost guaranteed return for investors.

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