Clients in an Election Year

New Clients in an Election Year

If you are running for office and need to to get your message out fast without sacrificing quality check out the professional filmmakers and photographers at Kleven Creative Services. Call us at 206-307-7588! We are happy to work for business owners, non profits and arts organisations as well. Getting your message to your audience, (with style and grace), is job number 1!

Guy has a website up so I wanted to share that with you first. The videos I made for him are under the tabs ‘Issues’ and ‘Take Action‘. Read below to find out why the shoot was so much fun. As usual I have taken much too much time between my blog posts. If I spent half the time here that I spend on social media I’m sure I would have a hundred additional posts. So the big news is that after working with a new client Howard Hale, a search engine optimization expert located on the East Side, I took his advice and updated my listing on Google Places. Not 7 days later I was contacted by a man running for State Senate in the 1st District Guy Palumbo. He asked me to create a series of videos to help launch his campaign. I’ll share two of the shorter ones with you now. It was an incredible experience for he. Although difficult with the short turn around he had requested and tight production day. We shot all 5 videos within 5 hours and I edited over the next 36 hours.

I also had the unique experience of adding Closed Captioning for the 1st time to an online production. It was very important to the client that his videos have Closed Captioning for the deaf and hearing impaired. Although new to this I was excited to learn something new and help out folks in the disabled community. I used this handy Youtube subtitler app to somewhat streamline the proicess.  It will help you produce a text document that can be use to add text to video on various platforms. The other app offered by Youtube gave me nothing but head aches. This is the only one that I recommend. An added bonus is once you have added Closed Captioning your video can now be found more easily by search engines!


Here is the 1st video I produced. Guy Palumbo: Take Action



And the second. Guy Palumbo: Independent Thinking


If you are also running for office this election year and need video, portrait or event photography please get in touch. Call me at 206-307-7588 or send me an email. My rates are reasonable and I will do my best to help you market your campaign. I also do corporate films and work promoting non profit groups. Let me know what you are looking for and information about your budget and I will create a proposal for your review. Here is more about what I can do for you on my video services page. I’m also available as a freelance Director, DP and Boom Pole/Sound Mixer Op. Here’s more about my freelance services and gear. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

YouTube – Christian Nation: a Folk Music Parody

YouTube – Christian Nation: a Folk Music Parody. I’m the producer and cinematographer for this musical parody by local pianist Fred Kronacher. Please share with friends. Let’s take this video viral! If you are an actor or musician who would like to see your work online please get in touch. Contact Mike Kleven: