July 4th Fireworks from Log Boom Park

I am living now in my new/old home town region Bothell/Kenmore. This is where I was brought home from the hospital after my birth and where I started elementary school. I finished elementary school in Bellingham. Later I graduated from Whatcom Middle School, Bellingham High and WWU/Fairhaven College. As an adult I have also lived in Seattle, Lakewood, Bremerton & Auburn. Now the long and winding road has taken me home to the Bothell/Kenmore area. Here as a kid me and my friends would hike up Swamp Creek, sell apples to earn money for the Canyon Creek Trout Farm and some adventures I just can’t mention here. Last night with my brother Tyler from Colorado and my niece Carmie from Alaska I enjoyed the fireworks at Logboom Park in Bothell. I brought my HD camera along and recorded some raw HD video. So for a patriotic flashback to July 4th 2011 please enjoy!

YouTube – PhantomHD – Kitten in Slow Motion.mp4

via YouTube – PhantomHD – Kitten in Slow Motion.mp4.

I’m not a just posting kitten videos on mmy blog to boost my ratings. The cat is scientific & technically pertinent. Not only does the video show scientifically how closely related even this small kitten is to it’s wild cousins, but it also shows the amazing abilities of the top of the line digital cinema camera, the Phantom HD! Sent to me by my friend Sky. Watch at 720 if you can.