Canon’s new EOS-1S: A better mousetrap?

I am a Canon 7D shooter which serves my needs in both stills and motion capture for my professional projects. The last few months has seen a bunch of new cameras hit the market. Some designed for stills photography, some for cinematography and a few capable of professional results with both. For my part I am sticking with the tool that still works, which I know well and with which I have developed my craft. But I can see that new options. Eventually a new camera will sell me on what it offers creatively and professionally for me and my clients. Here is one potential candidate:

This new stills camera promises to push the envelope in professional camera development in the coming years. From and comes the announcement of a new 46 megapixel camera from Canon;

While CanonRumors does stress that these are just rumors, it also adds that the camera will feature extremely improved ISO performance and that the sensor will include a new technology that will be more or less groundbreaking“, “[setting] the stage for sensor development over the next 2-3 years.”

Will Canon’s Big Megapixel Camera Be the EOS-1S? | Fstoppers.