Peter Broderick & Jennifer Roth



Click on above image to read Peter Broderick’s newsletter article describing how recent changes in the crowdfunding market is helping fund innovative films like “I am I”. Sights like & are now raising sums in excess of $100,000 for intrepid indie filmmakers!

Today I attended black Swan producer Jennifer Roth’s Master Class hosted by Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum. She pointed out the advantages that come from a limited budget, forcing the filmmaker to focus on telling a good story. As a line producer she offers her directors “three” things, such as a great script, great locations and some A list talent. An alternative might be amazing sets and costumes, amazing music and a cast of unknowns.

It’s up to the director to take these three things and make a great story. The alternative is a bloated projects & a story that dies. This continues Ted Hope’s recent blog about the future of Indie Film being in the million dollar and less motion picture. As someone who shoots with a DSLR and edits on a Mac I can tell you that 1 million put’s you in the range of a great film with almost guaranteed return for investors.

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