Reviving the Broken Marionette

I’m stepping outside of my normal role here as photographer & filmmaker to talk about something that is very important to me. In 1987 I was struck with profound fatigue after many years living as an adult with an active physical lifestyle. Some of my joys including stage acting, modern dance, bicycling and hiking. For the next 4 year this unexplainable fatigue had a profound effect on my health & outlook on life. Eventually I regained much of my former vigor. But only by accepting that I could no longer burn the candle at both ends. That and lot’s of vitamins, exercise and an otherwise healthy lifestyle. I was recently reading the Reviving the Heat Blog, ( and I saw this article on Maija Haavisto and her book “Reviving the Broken Marionette”. I’ve included here a link to her book on Amazon and her website.

Now back to making movies! The 1st day of auditions for the Das Dhoom Music Video project went very well. We should be in production in some regards later this week. Later was the annual dinner and slideshow for the American Society of Media Photographers, (ASMP). I feel so honored to have my image up on the same screen with some of Seattle’s best. Here are a few of those.

Variety Reviews – The Off Hours – Film Reviews – – Review by Ronnie Scheib

Variety Reviews – The Off Hours – Film Reviews – – Review by Ronnie Scheib.

This nuanced review about an a subtle Seattle based film which premiered this week at Sundance is another example of the vibrance & potential of the local film community here in the Northwest. With costs of some parts of the process becoming more affordable great films can now be made for what was once considered a shoe string budget. I shoot with a Canon 7D & record sound on a Zoom H4N, do my editing in Final Cut Pro & Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects. All of which can be purchased with a top of the line iMAC for under $10,000. I went to mention before I get to wonky that my friend & former classmate/cast mate Tony Doupe stars in this film. I really haven’t seen him in over 20 years. We were both heavily involved in theater at WWU in he 1980’s. So I can’t wait to see the film. One play I recall doing with him was She Stoops to Conquer, while in Summer Stock in 1986.

Acting & HDSLR Stuff

So my film Solving the Quantum Riddle: Interrupted premiered at the Local Sightings Film Festival last night. I had a great talk with Adem from NWFF & the DP from Eyes in the Dark about the future of Seattle Alt cinema. Later the discussion moved towards the DSLR & the big screen. I expressed the belief that the greatest impact of the DLSR on indie movies is yet to come. Perhaps 5 years of dominance for these handy little cameras until something more revolutionary, (& at the1 to 5 thousand dollar price point) comes along. For the ultra low budget filmmaker the HDSLR may just be the go to camera for a long long time. The reason being lenses, image quality & cost. Look for small increases in quality with such things as low noise in extremely low light, XLR inputs & perhaps effective auto focus while operating in film mode. Perhaps raw & 4K video will occur sometime soon, (within the next 5 years), as well. The camera companies save a lot of money in development cost when the same camera can be marketed to professional photographers/videographers & serious amateurs.

Going to my first audition since 1996 tonight. I’ve got a nice piece from Glen Garry Glen Ross & Henry V to hit them with. It is for a paying gig in a neo film noir short. Wish me luck!