Video Portfolio

Film & Video Portfolio

Michael Kleven is available to create original content for corporate, non-profit and  arts groups. Kleven is available to develop your project from concept to delivery. Our full production kit is available or we can bring in additional gear and crew members as the project requires. We offer high-quality event coverage for weddings, events and performing arts. Web streaming options available. Kleven offers freelance services as a sound mixer, camera operator and stills photographer. 

Production Sound Reel from Michael Kleven on Vimeo.

Narrative Camera Reel:

A Wedding; Once Upon a Time.  A wedding film shot and directed by Michael Kleven in collaboration with Elke Hautala and Heartstone Studios.


A project directed by Michael Kleven for Washington Access Fun in conjunction with Heartstone Studios.

A Modern Creation Story was created for Seattle glass artist Preston Singletary in collaboration with Elke Hautala and Heartstone Studios.

Ending to Dhoom .This music video was shot and directed by Michael Kleven for Seattle fusion band Das Dhoom.

Beautiful Woman

A woman meets adversity in the city as she looks to create a better life. Featuring actress Heather Rouge and music by Dean Jensen. Michael Kleven: writer/director/producer/editor



TO THE MOON. An homage to the poet Theodore Roethke. Filmed at Seattle’s historic Blue Moon Tavern. Shot and directed by Michael Kleven




The Unbearables. Michael Kleven, Director of Photography. What happens when a friendly party crawl accidentally uncovers a conspiracy of International proportions?




A Dutch Bikes Classic.  Michael Kleven: director/editor/cinematographer
Interested in bike mechanics and precision engineering? Find out about what it takes to build a bike in this interesting short film made with the help of the folks at Dutch Bikes in Seattle

Birdie (rough cut)

How do you kill a man without committing murder? Find out in this unique but uncompleted short film. Featuring a steller performance by Michael Brill.
Michael Kleven: directer/producer/director of photogrpahy (password “Birdie”) The fine cut of this film is completed and we are currently in consideration for STIFF. Please enjoy this early rough cut.



Solving the Quantum Riddle: Interrupted

A rather glamorous look at the inner lives of the beautiful and inglorious around.
Michael Kleven: director, cinematographer, editor, sound design



Tattoo Shirt

Michael Kleven: cinematographer This film has proved to be very popular on Youtube with over 25,000 views. Analytics shows that it started out very popular in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Now also in North America. From my 1st quarter in film school back in 2008.

Art Impact: Community College & the Arts

Michael Kleven: writer/producer
A 30 minute multi-camera television show made by me and my friends at SCCC extolling the virtues of arts education. Featuring interviews and performances by comic Nancy Guppy, violinist Quinton Morris and poet Mike Hickey.




Michael Kleven:editor/photographer/motion graphics artist
Made with the help of Anthony Nakshabandi and the cast and crew of The Unbearables.



The Little Things

See what happens when domestic tranquility becomes threatened is upset by a messy husband in this dark comedy by my friends at Seattle Central
Michael Kleven: art director



Heart Shaped Box (Kinetic Typography)

My homage to Curt Cobain. A special thanks to the folks at AETUTS.COM
Michael Kleven: motion graphics artist



Flashback (title sequence). An experimental title sequence for my film Beautiful Woman. Experience the wonders of After Effects!
Michael Kleven: motion graphics artist



Can love rise above a defeated ego? An HD adaptation of the motion picture. Michael Kleven: Producer