Narrative and Documentary

Kleven Creative Services and is actively involved in offering affordable, reliable  and professional services for long form projects in the Northwest. Kleven is available as a sound mixer, cinematographer and behind the scenes photographer for both narrative and documentary film.

Heartstone is our sister agency is committed to nurturing and developing both short and long form content. Heartstone has recently completed filming in Holland for “I Missed My Train”.

Some of our short films and motion graphics projects can be seen at

“GI Joseph and Mary

Military Veteran, Joe Smith, lives with his 12-year- old daughter, Mary, on a leaky boat near the fuel docks on the industrial waterfront. A few years earlier Mary’s mother left the family amid issues of infidelity & drug use. Issues Mary could not understand well at the time. But now Mary’s mom has married a wealthy art gallery owner. They want Mary back. Can Joe give up his daughter? Wouldn’t Mary be better off away from the rough life on the boat, living a more proper life, with the indulgences money can provide? What does Mary think? Perhaps life in the harbor is what she loves. Watch for this classic tale of clashing wills, best intentions & the pursuit for redemption.


Based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut. This is the tail of Dr Koradubian & the hapless Kilgore Trout. Meeting at the historic Blue Moon Tavern in 1966 this dark comedy defies expectations. This film has been shot & is currently seeking post production funding via Kickstarter

Other Films by Mike Kleven and Heartstone.

“Beautiful Woman”

“Dutch Bikes”

“To the Moon: A Tribute to the Poet, Theodore Roethke”

“Solving the Quantum Riddle: Interrupted”

Kleven was Producer on Seattle Central Community Colleges adaptation of “Sideways” and the film and video programs 2009 television interview show “Resource: Art Impact,”.  The show highlighted the importance of art education to a vibrant and productive community and featured Seattle Community College graduates Nancy Guppy and Quinton Morris and community college instructor and “Poet Populist” Mike Hickey.

Kleven was Director of Photography on Seattle Central’s production of “The Unbearables.”