Published! Interview with David Wagoner on Theodore Roethke in CIRQUE

Page 91 has an interview Michael Kleven completed in the Summer of 2010 with Seattle Poet and UW Professer David Wagoner regarding his relationship with the seminal literary figure Theodore Roethke. My mother, writer and artist Sandra Kleven & Seattle filmmaker and DJ Omar Taboada both deserve credit for their work on this project. This interview was an outgrowth of the short film we did about Roethke: To The Moon. I am planning to direct a long form documentary film about Roethke and his influence on his students life and growth as artists. This film will be based on my Sandra Kleven’s writing and research done in conjunction with her studies at The University of Alaska Anchorage. In 2011 she earned an MFA in Creative Writing at the school.


Schedule Family Portraits & Coverage of Your Reunion

I don”t know if you are like me but family reunions are always a special occasion. Make this time into a lasting memory. This portrait was taken at my own family reunion at Lower Woodland Park in Seattle. We are all descendants of Olga & Linus Leiren of Ballard. If you would like a family portrait or complete coverage of your reunion or other gathering please contact Michael Kleven at Aesthetica. My number is 206-307-7588. My email is . That’s me in the front row with the yellow muscle shirt.