July 4th Fireworks from Log Boom Park

I am living now in my new/old home town region Bothell/Kenmore. This is where I was brought home from the hospital after my birth and where I started elementary school. I finished elementary school in Bellingham. Later I graduated from Whatcom Middle School, Bellingham High and WWU/Fairhaven College. As an adult I have also lived in Seattle, Lakewood, Bremerton & Auburn. Now the long and winding road has taken me home to the Bothell/Kenmore area. Here as a kid me and my friends would hike up Swamp Creek, sell apples to earn money for the Canyon Creek Trout Farm and some adventures I just can’t mention here. Last night with my brother Tyler from Colorado and my niece Carmie from Alaska I enjoyed the fireworks at Logboom Park in Bothell. I brought my HD camera along and recorded some raw HD video. So for a patriotic flashback to July 4th 2011 please enjoy!

“Marcell” at Film Music Festival at Park City in May

My film “Marcell” was recently selected for the Film Music Festival at Park City Utah! This is indeed a great honor for me. My composer Wenda Zonmefeld deserves special props not only for her compelling score but for completing the ardues application process. With this Marcell qualifies for an IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1893281/ This film was inspired by Marcell Ivanyi’s insurmountable short film “Wind”. Marcell was originally filmed in an industrial neighborhood near South Lake Union in 2009. I want to give a shout out to the members of my cast. Michael Brill has worked with me on a number of productions since our first meeting that day. His craft continues to guide. Ronee Collins recently completed shooting the Ending to Dhoom music video for me. Expect to see her stunning performance shortly. David Reyes worked with me on “TacoMan”. Filmed in the Summer of 2010 in Tacoma. Craig Stratton and John Elkin my classmates in film school, continue their careers as filmmakers here in Seattle. The film could not have been made without the intelligent guidance of filmmaker Sandy Cioffi.

Park City Film Music Festival, aka Park City Film Festival – Impact of Music in Film Competitions.


24 Amazing Slow Motion Videos

24 Amazing Slow Motion Videos.


slow motion punches from cody kern on Vimeo.


Watch this and other fun slow motion videos on from filmmakerIQ.com .

In my continued conquest of the Seattle Indie film scene i had the distinct pleasure to work as a sound technician on the presentation reel for the film “Cut the Rot”. My good friend and fellow thespian Jon Peck is DOP on this project. Although the call was 7 to 12 PM we ended up shooting until 5AM. Oh well, everything for art! I’m back in school also. Taking some courses at Bellevue College in order to round out my film education. Two of the courses I am really excited about are Business of Film and Video and Digital Cinema. More on that later. BC has a number of excellent film classes taught by professionals with long careers. Not as intense as the film and video program at Seattle Central but something can be said for learning from those who have been there. By that I mean no disrespect to the instructors at SC. They are awesome too but in a much different way. Alright, it’s 6, time for bed.

Canon 5D, 7D DSLR cameras have changed the film industry

Give this interesting article from Film Industry Network a look. As much as I enjoy Phillip Bloom video #3 from Cinnammon Chasers is not to be missed. Click on the image to read the full article.


Canon 5D, 7D DSLR cameras have changed the film industry.





YouTube – Christian Nation: a Folk Music Parody

YouTube – Christian Nation: a Folk Music Parody. I’m the producer and cinematographer for this musical parody by local pianist Fred Kronacher. Please share with friends. Let’s take this video viral! If you are an actor or musician who would like to see your work online please get in touch. Contact Mike Kleven: mpkkphoto@aol.com

4 Innovative Ways to Use Web Video for Small Business



4 Innovative Ways to Use Web Video for Small Business.

In this interesting post from social media maven’s “Mashable” several highly successful though low tech videos are reviewed as marketing tools for small  business. As a video producer I can create an awesome looking video for you at a reasonable cost. Contact Michael Kleven at mikekleven@gmail.com for detailed information and quotes. Give my videos in the portfolio section of this site for examples of my technical and narrative proficiency~



Peter Broderick & Jennifer Roth



Click on above image to read Peter Broderick’s newsletter article describing how recent changes in the crowdfunding market is helping fund innovative films like “I am I”. Sights like IndieGoGo.com & Kickstarter.com are now raising sums in excess of $100,000 for intrepid indie filmmakers!

Today I attended black Swan producer Jennifer Roth’s Master Class hosted by Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum. She pointed out the advantages that come from a limited budget, forcing the filmmaker to focus on telling a good story. As a line producer she offers her directors “three” things, such as a great script, great locations and some A list talent. An alternative might be amazing sets and costumes, amazing music and a cast of unknowns.

It’s up to the director to take these three things and make a great story. The alternative is a bloated projects & a story that dies. This continues Ted Hope’s recent blog about the future of Indie Film being in the million dollar and less motion picture. As someone who shoots with a DSLR and edits on a Mac I can tell you that 1 million put’s you in the range of a great film with almost guaranteed return for investors.

PS: Special thanks to blogs Heartworksak.net & Dramanauts.blogspot.com for sending visiters my way!

Reviving the Broken Marionette

I’m stepping outside of my normal role here as photographer & filmmaker to talk about something that is very important to me. In 1987 I was struck with profound fatigue after many years living as an adult with an active physical lifestyle. Some of my joys including stage acting, modern dance, bicycling and hiking. For the next 4 year this unexplainable fatigue had a profound effect on my health & outlook on life. Eventually I regained much of my former vigor. But only by accepting that I could no longer burn the candle at both ends. That and lot’s of vitamins, exercise and an otherwise healthy lifestyle. I was recently reading the Reviving the Heat Blog, (http://blog.aboutmecfs.org/) and I saw this article on Maija Haavisto and her book “Reviving the Broken Marionette”. I’ve included here a link to her book on Amazon and her website.


Now back to making movies! The 1st day of auditions for the Das Dhoom Music Video project went very well. We should be in production in some regards later this week. Later was the annual dinner and slideshow for the American Society of Media Photographers, (ASMP). I feel so honored to have my image up on the same screen with some of Seattle’s best. Here are a few of those.

SUNDANCE 2011… “INDIE IS BACK”!?? – Hammer to Nail

Dateline Bothell: Late braking news from Sundance. The Indie is Back! Or is it? In this informative piece by Hammer to Nail Blogger Michael Ryan we learn what Sundance liked this year, what distributors thought about this & what this might mean to fledgling filmmakers like Michael Kleven. Read on…

Seattle Indie: Catechism Cataclysm

Hammer to Nail

Even Glodell

SUNDANCE 2011… “INDIE IS BACK”!?? – Hammer to Nail.