1000fps for free – Motion Optical Flow instead of Twixtor | planet5D-Canon HDSLR news

1000fps for free – Motion Optical Flow instead of Twixtor | planet5D-Canon HDSLR news.

I am sort of a wonk when it  comes to learning new techniques that  can be done  at a low cost. Check out this tutorial from Planet 5-D about how  to convert footage from 60 frames per second to 1000 frames per  second without leaving your  computer.

Tips for a Better Demo Reel – NoFilmSchool

Tips for a Better Demo Reel – NoFilmSchool.

Check out this insightful article from Ryan Koo & my favorite blog: No Film School. I’ve actually been to film school but Ryan’s blog is excellent not only for it’s entertainment value but for the valuable insights for film professionals, like myself,  seeking to establish themselves in this competitive industry. The reels are also nice, short, & pretty to look at. I’m working on mine right now.

High Quality Lens from Canon for Low Cost

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Check out this video about some great low cost lenses on

Affordable FD Lenses For HDSLR Use

So much going on with the new Aesthetica website. Talking up some projects with new compadre Sonia Weech. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

Acting & HDSLR Stuff

So my film Solving the Quantum Riddle: Interrupted premiered at the Local Sightings Film Festival last night. I had a great talk with Adem from NWFF & the DP from Eyes in the Dark about the future of Seattle Alt cinema. Later the discussion moved towards the DSLR & the big screen. I expressed the belief that the greatest impact of the DLSR on indie movies is yet to come. Perhaps 5 years of dominance for these handy little cameras until something more revolutionary, (& at the1 to 5 thousand dollar price point) comes along. For the ultra low budget filmmaker the HDSLR may just be the go to camera for a long long time. The reason being lenses, image quality & cost. Look for small increases in quality with such things as low noise in extremely low light, XLR inputs & perhaps effective auto focus while operating in film mode. Perhaps raw & 4K video will occur sometime soon, (within the next 5 years), as well. The camera companies save a lot of money in development cost when the same camera can be marketed to professional photographers/videographers & serious amateurs.

Going to my first audition since 1996 tonight. I’ve got a nice piece from Glen Garry Glen Ross & Henry V to hit them with. It is for a paying gig in a neo film noir short. Wish me luck!

Accepted into Local Sightings Film Festival!

A film I made last year has been accepted into the Local Sightings Film Festival here in Seattle. The film “Solving the Quantum Riddle: Interrupted” is based on 5 haiku’s & shot on my Canon 7D. The fest runs Oct 1st thru 6th at the Northwest Film Forum on Capital Hill. I’ll keep you updated once I have the schedule.

Busy Busy

Things are picking up here at Aesthetica. This weekend I shot a wedding for the family of my classmate Lionel at SCCC. Today we have our 1st production meeting for the short comedy TacoMan directed by my good friend Carlos Ortiz. Things progress with Birdie & a new project with web maven Tricia Man. More on that later. We find out about the films accepted into Local Sightings film festival soon. Yikes!