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About Michael Kleven

As my career has continued to develop I’ve found strength in the relationships that I have made along the way. I’ve managed to develop a high level of proficiency in two areas which both mean a lot to me. As a sound mixer, I’ve found myself in increasingly high profile projects working with talented actors and awesome script. On the corporate side of things, I’ve helped record interviews with high-level executives helping their companies spread their message to a broader audience.

As a director and cinematographer, I am proud of my work helping to bring important topics to a broader audience in an aesthetically pleasing way. I feel it is important that each project is clearly understandable to the audience and that it might in some way enlighten the human experience. At the same time I am always considerate of what it will take to complete our project on time and within the budget, we are working with.

Michael Kleven and Kleven Creative:

Michael’s career started with strong interests in both theater and photography. Early experience on the stages of Bellingham High kindled his interest in drama, action and narrative form. His lifelong relationship with the camera has helped him build a solid grasp of composition and the elements of light. Combining drama, image and word Kleven has brought his ability as a story teller to his work in video and film.

Kleven has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Fairhaven College and Western Washington University with a concentration on theater. In Westerns theater department Kleven found an intense opportunity to develop craft and artistic discipline, at Fairhaven he found an opportunity to spread his wings and develop his vision and voice as an artist. He graduated with honors from the film school at Seattle Central Community College. He recalls that the film and video program at Seattle Central was a wonderfully productive boot camp experience with dedicated teachers classmates who shared his drive to create.

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