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We work hard to make your project a complete success, whether working as a director, DP or sound operator or producing original content for you from concept to delivery.

Kleven brings a diverse background to his video production and film work. He has greatly enjoyed times acting in theater or performing in choir, musical theater and dance. His professional career has included stints in radio, television, feature film and video production.

Michael Kleven, founder Kleven Creative Services:

Michael’s career started with a strong interest in theater  and photography. Early experience on the stages of Bellingham High kindled his interest in drama, action and narrative form. His lifelong relationship with the camera has helped him build a solid grasp of composition and the elements of light. Combining drama, image and word Kleven has brought his ability as a story teller to his work in video and film.

Kleven  has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Fairhaven College and Western Washington University with an concentration on theater. In Westerns theater department Kleven found an intense opportunity to develop craft and artistic discipline, at Fairhaven he found an opportunity to spread his wings and develop his vision and voice as an artist. He graduated with honors from the film school at Seattle Central Community College. He recalls that the film and video program at Seattle Central was a wonderfully productive boot camp experience with dedicated teachers classmates who shared his drive to create.

Michael was an early adapter of DSLRs for cinema and video.  He likes that the cameras offer the potential for image quality which rivals systems costing many thousands more. He remains excited about other camera systems as well. He has trained on the RED 1, Arri Alexa and Canon’s C300. He works constantly to stay up do date with technological changes in the industry. But like others he believes that story and message come before the technology used to create it.

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